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“Middle” is a song by the French electronic music producer DJ Snake with vocals from the British singer Bipolar Sunshine. The song was released as a single on 16 October 2015 by Interscope Records. In July 2016, the song was announced as the lead single from DJ Snake’s debut album Encore. The song is included in the upcoming FIFA 17 game.


The song’s accompanying music video premiered on March 16, 2016 on DJ Snake’s YouTube account on Vevo. It was directed by  Colin Tilley and features The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson and actress Kiersey Clemons.

The link for the music video is attached for reference.

dj snake ft. bipolar sunshine – middle

In the video, we see Hutcherson who is the protagonist as a masked superhero who smears his face with red, black, and white paint. He’s alone and misunderstood, until he finds a fellow high-flying companion in Kiersey Clemons. Together, they soar above the city, scale buildings sideways, and dodge people’s judgmental stares — hey, they’re freaks, but they have each other. That is, until an interesting twist creeps in and we see Hutcherson’s heart shattered.


The song is DJ Snake’s  recent collaboration with English singer Adio Marchant, better known as Bipolar Sunshine.  The video features an unlikely Hollywood star,  actor Josh Hutcherson as a superhero just trying to find love in a cruel world.

The music actually goes along quite well with the story, which is a nice change of pace for many EDM music videos coming out these days.




The video starts with Hutcherson sitting at a diner clad from head to toe in a red and black superhero outfit with a mask and face paint on. Two other patrons start to laugh at him and his response is to dump some booze in a cup of coffee. This does related with the first two lines of the song “Staring at two different views on your window ledge
Coffee has gone cold, it’s like time froze”.




Things start to look up once Hutcherson’s character sees a likeminded superhero outside of the diner, played by Kiersey Clemons. She,too has facepaint and a superhero costume on.  They lock eyes and it is clear that they were meant to be.

The video showcases people who are considered ‘freaks’ because of their  looks, behavior or manner and their quest for love.


“There you go wishing, floating down our wishing well
It’s like I’m always causing problems, causing hell
I didn’t mean to put you through this, I can tell
We’re gonna sweep this under the carpet”

The above are the lyrics running behind this scene and they do make sense. He is baffled to see another person dressed and like minded as himself. Hutcherson’s character thought of himself as a troublemaker, ashamed of his special talents and not realizing that he was better than those people in some way because his superpowers made him special.




They then go on adventures, flying down the street, spending all day together doing superhero stuff. They roam around the streets, past the judgemental stares of people not caring what they thought, probab;y for the first time. Because even though they were special, they craved normalcy. But that was all before this night, for now they did not have a care in the world because they were together.

This is when the main verse of the song comes in play. “I hope that I can turn back the time
To make it all alright, all alright for us
I’ll promise to build a new world for us two
With you in the middle”




Things start to heat up as they spend the night together in Hucherson’s rundown apartment that is filled with various paintings, drawings and other memorabilia dedicated to superheroes. They spend the night staring at each other and all the superhero stuff around them , thinking about the time they spent that night.

“Lying down beside you. What’s going through your head?
The silence in the air felt like my soul froze
Am I just overthinking feelings I conceal
This gut feeling I’m tryna get off me as well
I hope we find our missing pieces and just chill
We’re gonna sweep it under the carpet.”


She disappears like a bat out of hell in the morning and Hucherson goes on a rampage to try and find her, finding a wandering DJ Snake on the street. He jumps and gets hit by a cab that happens to have his supermate in the car sitting plainclothes in the arms of another man.

He heads home defeated, bloody and tosses his mask to the side. He’s shown to be sobbing to have lost his soulmate he had been looking for all his life.



As an unexpected turn, she returns to him only to find him in a defeated state. She wipes blood , tears and face paint off his face as he gives her a stare , looking for answers in her eyes.

She then holds his hands and faces him towards the window where a superhero mask had been drawn.


The last seconds show both of them staring out of the window as Hutcherson’s character looks at himself without his face paint and the mask he wears but an actual superhero mask portrayed by the painting on the windowsill. According to me, this broken superhero who is the protagonist of the video is finally looking at himself in a whole different light altogether and accepting himself as a person with special skills with the help of the character played by Clemons.

”  I hope that I can turn back the time
To make it all alright, all alright for us
I’ll promise to build a new world for us two
With you in the middle”


So, this song has a lot of symbolism and signs that do correlate with the lyrics. In the video, we see several instances where the characters are carefree, breaking boundaries and being themselves which they could never do on their own. This video hints on the topic of one’s journey to find their inner peace and self acceptance. Be it through another person whom you consider your soulmate, who completes you or a mask or a fictional character you relate to. The main character played by Josh Hutcherson is a broken superhero who considers himself an outcast because of his superpowers which he may or may not possess. The video focuses on the concept of being an outcast , feeling like you don’t belong. The first shot itself conveys that as patrons are sitting in the diner , mocking Hutcherson’s character as he pours liquor into his coffee cup. His story takes a turn when he meets a fellow superhero mate in the character played by Kiersey Clemons. They both go out on the town, not caring about the judgemental stares of people passing by. They hold hands, lock eyes as a sign of a connection more than just familiarity and like -mindedness. They indulge in intimacy as well, until Clemons vanishes the next morning and is spotted by Hutcherson with another man , shattering our superhero’s heart into pieces. The video does end on a positive note as she returns and they re-kindle their romance and also look at the world in a whole new light through the window as a metaphor in the last few seconds of the video.


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